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Creating a Pre-recorded Presentation Video for ICMI 2021: Mandatory for all authors*

1) ICMI program (mandatory)

All authors have to submit videos for their papers to be presented in the hybrid program. This is a mandatory requirement. The deadline for the videos to be uploaded is October 1. Please submit these videos here:

Below are instructions on creating your video presentation using ZOOM. Be aware there are other programs available to produce your presentation videos that you may use if you prefer to do so. ACM does not endorse any video recording program.

For additional questions, email the chairs at:

Reminder Tips for High-Quality Talks

  1. Keep it simple and avoid excessive technical details.
  2. Best first: start your presentation with the most important/exciting point.
  3. Use figures and examples wisely – oftentimes, the more images the better.
  4. Keep your momentum going and use a timer to pace yourself.
  5. If using picture-in-picture, make sure the picture does not cover contents in the presentation for all slides.

See “How to give a bad talk” for pitfalls to avoid and “Other Best Practices” for advice on preparing a presentation video.

How to Record Your Talk with Zoom

  1. If you have not already done so, download Zoom ( and install the Zoom Client for Meetings.
  2. Sign in to your Zoom account (create one first, if needed).
  3. Turn on Automatic recording by clicking Settings → Recording.
  4. It is recommended to use a computer with a camera (either an embedded front-face camera or a connected camera) and microphone (built in or connected).

Select the correct options (Video and Audio) in the Settings in the Zoom client.

  1. Start the application for slides presentations such as PowerPoint or Keynote. Open the Zoom client and sign into your account. Click New Meetings. Make sure that local recording starts automatically. If not, you can manually turn it on.

Make sure your microphone is not muted and your video is started.

  1. Share your screen.

  1. Click Share Screen and select the presentation application, e.g., PowerPoint or Keynote.

Do not share the entire desktop. Do not select "Share computer sound" or "Optimize Screen Share for Video Clip".

  1. Start your presentation

Self-introduction: At the beginning of your video, introduce yourself. For instance, you can say something like:

My name is ... . I am a PhD candidate at the University of ... .

The paper I will be presenting today is titled ... .

The video you are recording should always include a small picture-in-picture window with you inside to make it look professional.

  1. When you finish your presentation, click "End Meeting" and your video recording will be processed by Zoom automatically and stored in a local folder as an .mp4 file.

  2. (Optional) if the file size of the video is more than 100MB consider using a software to encode the video and reduce the size. HandBrank is a free application that can do this, follow the instructions below to install the application and encode your video.
    1. Download the application and install:

    2. Drag and drop the file you would like to encode into the application

    3. Use the present “Fast 720p30” or “HQ 720p30” for a slightly better quality file.

    4. Finally, make sure to save the file as .mp4 before clicking the green play button “Start Encode” to encode the video

Submission Requirements


It is recommended that your video includes a picture-in-picture video window of the presenter throughout the video. Otherwise, include a thumbnail photo on your title page. After recording, make sure the audio is loud and clear without any distortions throughout the whole recording.


The video format must be .mp4 or .avi format, optimized for streaming; the Video Codec is H.264 and the Audio Codec is AAC+ or AAC. MPEG4 PART 10 or AVC.


The video resolution must be at least 720p.

Time and Size Limit

All video submissions except the Keynote talks must be less than 100MB. Play your video several times to make sure that it is within the limit fixed for your submission (check the acceptance e-mail for additional details):

Long paper

13 min

Short paper

8 min

Blue sky paper 10 min
Demo 10 min
Doctoral consortium 10 min
Keynote talk 50 min


Please upload the video with the following name ID#_lastNameFirstAuthor.mp4. For example, 099_Smith.mp4

Additional Materials

Uploading Your Video

Submit your video to the ACM ICMI 2021 Video Submission site:

NOTE: The above ICMI video submission site does provide a confirmation message. Please be patient and be sure you have a good connection when uploading your presentation video.

Upload your video on or before October 1st (EOD, any timezone).


Check your ACM rights review form confirmation. If you opted "NO" for AV recording a presentation video at this additional location can not be included.

2) ACM Archive (optional)

ACM offers the opportunity for ICMI authors to also store their videos on the ACM website. For your recorded presentation video to appear in the ACM DL along with your final pdf, authors must upload/submit to the ACM/Sheridan site on or before October 11 Please submit these videos here .

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