Accepted papers

Blue Sky Presentations (3)

Optimized Human-A.I. Group Decision Making: A Personal View
Sandy Pentland

Towards Sonification in Multimodal and User-Friendly Explainable Artificial Intelligence
Georgios Rizos

Dependability and Safety: Two Clouds in the Blue Sky of Multimodal Interaction
Philippe Palanque

List of Accepted Oral Presentations (34)

New Analytic and Machine Learning Techniques

Bi-Bimodal Modality Fusion for Correlation-Controlled Multimodal Sentiment Analysis
Mr. Wei Han,

Exploiting the interplay between Social and Task dimensions of cohesion to predict its dynamics leveraging Social Sciences
Lucien Maman

Dynamic Mode Decomposition with Control as a Model of Multimodal Behavioral Coordination
Lauren Klein

A Contrastive Learning Approach for Compositional Zero-Shot Learning
Muhammad Umer Anwaar

Efficient Deep Feature Calibration for Cross-Modal Joint Embedding Learning
Zhongwei Xie

Support for Health, Mental Health and Disability

Multimodal Feature Estimators of Temporal Phases of Anxiety
Hashini Senaratne

Inclusive action game presenting Real-time Multimodal Presentations for sighted and blind persons
Takahiro Miura

ViCA: Combining visual, social, and task-oriented conversational AI in a healthcare setting George Pantazopoulos

Sound to Visual/Haptic Feedback Design in VR for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Users
Dhruv Jain

Am I Allergic to This? Assisting Sight Impaired People in the Kitchen
Angus Addlesee

MindfulNest: Strengthening Emotion Regulation with Tangible User Interfaces
Samantha Speer

Conversation, Dialogue Systems and Language Analytics

A Systematic Cross-Corpus Analysis of Human Reactions to Conversational Robot Failures
Dimosthenis Kontogiorgos

Recognizing Perceived Interdependence in Conversations through Multimodal Analysis of Nonverbal Behavior
Bernd Dudzik

Modelling and Predicting Trust for Developing Proactive Dialogue Strategies in Mixed-Initiative Interaction
Matthias Kraus

Recognizing Social Signals with Weakly Supervised Multitask Learning for Multimodal dialogue Systems
Shogo Okada

Decision-Theoretic Question Generation for Situated Reference Resolution: An Empirical Study and Computational Model
Felix Gervits

Speech, Gesture and Haptics

Digital Speech Makeup: Voice Conversion Based Altered Auditory Feedback for Transforming Self-Representation
Riku Arakawa

Hierarchical Classification and Transfer Learning to Recognize Head Gestures and Facial Expressions Using Earbuds
Shkurta Gashi

Integrated speech and gesture synthesis
Siyang Wang

Co-Verbal Touch: Enriching Video Telecommunications with Remote Touch Technology
Angela Chan

HapticLock: Eyes-Free Authentication for Mobile Devices
Euan Freeman

Haptic Feedback and Visual Cues for Teaching Forces: The Impact of Prior Knowledge
Tabitha C. Peck

Behavioral Analytics and Applications

Toddler-Guidance Learning: Impacts of Critical Period on Multimodal AI Agents
Junseok Park

Attachment Recognition in School Age Children Based on Automatic Analysis of Facial Expressions and Nonverbal Vocal Behaviour
Alessandro Vinciarelli Characterizing Children’s Motion Qualities: Implications for the Design of Motion Applications for Children
Aishat Aloba

Temporal Graph Convolutional Network for Multimodal Sentiment Analysis
Jian Huang

Conversational Group Detection with Graph Neural Networks
Sydney Thompson

Self-supervised Contrastive Learning of Multi-view Facial Expressions
Shuvendu Roy

Multimodal Ethics, Interfaces and Applications

What's Fair is Fair: Detecting and Mitigating Encoded Bias in Multimodal Models of Museum Visitor Attention
Halim D Acosta
Bias and Fairness in Multimodal Machine Learning: A Case Study of Automated Video Interviews
Brandon Booth
Technology as Infrastructure for Dehumanization: Three Hundred Million People with the Same Face
Sharon Oviatt

Investigating Trust in Human-AI Collaboration for Supporting Human-Centered AI-Enabled Decision Making
Abdullah Aman Tutul

Impact of the Size of Modules on Target Acquisition and Pursuit for Future Modular Shape-changing PUIs
Laura Pruszko

Why Do I Have to Take Over Control? Evaluating Safe Handovers with Advance Notice and Explanations in Highly Automated Driving
Frederik Wiehr

List of Accepted Posters (66)

Speech and Language

What’s This? A Voice and Touch Multimodal Approach for Ambiguity Resolution in Voice Assistants
Sebastian Rodriguez

Audiovisual Speech Synthesis using Tacotron2
Ahmed Hussen

Cross Lingual Video and Text Retrieval: A New Benchmark Dataset and Algorithm
Jayaprakash Akula

Multimodal User Satisfaction Recognition for Non-task Oriented Dialogue Systems
Wenqing Wei

Deep Transfer Learning for Recognizing Functional Interactions via Head Movements in Multiparty Conversations
Kazuhiro Otsuka

To Rate or Not To Rate: Investigating Evaluation Methods for Generated Co-Speech Gestures
Pieter Wolfert

Towards Automatic Narrative Coherence Prediction
Hanan Salam

Semi-supervised Visual Feature Integration for Language Models through Sentence Visualization
Lisai Zhang

Engagement Rewarded Actor-Critic with Conservative Q-Learning for Speech-Driven Backchannel Generation in Human-Robot Interaction
Öykü Zeynep Bayramoğlu

Knowing Where and What to Write in Automated Live Video Comments: A Unified Multi-Task Approach
Hao Wu

Toward Developing a Multimodal Multi-party Hindi Humorous Dataset for Humor Recognition in Conversations
Dushyant Singh Chauhan

ConAn: A Usable Tool for Multimodal Conversation Analysis
Anna Penzkofer

Gaze, Touch, Haptics and Multimodality

EyeMU Interactions: Gaze + IMU Gestures on Mobile Devices
Andy Kong

Looking for laughs: Gaze interaction with laughter pragmatics and coordination
Chiara Mazzocconi

Predicting Gaze from Egocentric Social Interaction Videos and IMU Data

Perception of Ultrasound Haptic Focal Point Motion
Euan Freeman

Enhancing Ultrasound Haptics with Parametric Audio Effects
Euan Freeman

Investigating the Effect of Polarity in Auditory and Vibrotactile Displays Under Cognitive Load
Jamie Ferguson

User Preferences for Calming Affective Haptic Stimuli in Social Settings
Shaun Alexander Macdonald

ThermEarhook: Investigating Spatial Thermal Haptic Feedback Around the Ear
Kening Zhu

Learning Oculomotor Behaviors from Scanpath
Beibin Li

Directed Gaze Triggers Higher Frequency in Gaze Change: An Automatic Analysis of Dyads in Unstructured Conversation
Georgiana Cristina Dobre

Gaze-based Multimodal Meaning Recovery for Noisy/Complex Environments
Ozge Alacam

Group-Level Focus of Visual Attention for Improved Active Speaker Detection
Christopher Birmingham

Multimodal Ethics, Interfaces, Techniques and Applications

An Interpretable Approach to Hateful Meme Detection
Tanvi Deshpande

Attention-based Multimodal Feature Fusion for Dance Motion Generation
Kosmas Kritsis

Predicting Worker Accuracy from Nonverbal Behaviour: Benefits and Potential for Algorithmic Bias
Yuushi Toyoda

Feature Perception in Broadband Sonar Analysis – Using the Repertory Grid to Elicit Interface Designs to Support Human-Autonomy Teaming
Faye McCabe

Earthquake response drill simulator based on a 3-DOF motion base in augmented reality
Sang-Woo Seo

ML-PersRef: A Machine Learning-based Personalized Multimodal Fusion Approach for Referencing Outside Objects From a Moving Vehicle
Amr Gomaa

Multimodal Detection of Drivers Drowsiness and Distraction
Kapotaksha Das

Cross-modal Assisted Training for Abnormal Event Recognition in Elevators
Xinmeng Chen

Long-Term, In-the-Wild Study of Feedback About Speech Intelligibility for K-12 Students Attending Class via a Telepresence Robot
Matthew Rueben

Interaction techniques for 3D-positioning objects in mobile augmented reality
Miroslav Bachinski

Online Study Reveals the Multimodal Effects of Discrete Auditory Cues in Moving Target Estimation Task
Katsutoshi Masai

On the Transition of Social Interaction from In-Person to Online: Predicting Changes in Social Media Usage of College Students during the COVID-19 Pandemic based on Pre-COVID-19 On-Campus Colocation
Weichen Wang

Design and Development of a Low-cost Device for Weight and Center of Gravity Simulation in Virtual Reality
Hai-Ning Liang

Inclusive Voice Interaction Techniques for Creative Object Positioning
Farkhandah Aziz

Interaction Modalities for Notification Signals in Augmented Reality
May Jorella Lazaro

HEMVIP: Human Evaluation of Multiple Videos in Parallel
Patrik Jonell

TaxoVec: Taxonomy Based Representation for Web User Profiling
Qinpei Zhao

Inflation-Deflation Networks for Recognizing Head-Movement Functions in Face-to-Face Conversations
Kazuhiro Otsuka

Graph Capsule Aggregation for Unaligned Multimodal Sequences
Jianfeng Wu

PARA: Privacy Management and Control in Emerging IoT Ecosystems using Augmented Reality
Carlos Bermejo Fernandez

Multisensor-Pipeline: A Lightweight, Flexible, and Extensible Framework for Building Multimodal-Multisensor Interfaces
Michael Barz

Knock &Tap: Classification and Localization of Knock and Tap Gestures using Deep Sound Transfer Learning

Detecting Face Touching with Dynamic Time Warping on Smartwatches: A Preliminary Study
Yu-Peng Chen

How Do HCI Researchers Describe Their Software Tools? Insights from a Synopsis Survey of Tools for Multimodal Interaction
Radu-Daniel Vatavu

Health, Mental Health and Disability

Mass-deployable Smartphone-based Objective Hearing Screening with Otoacoustic Emissions
Samarjit Chakraborty

Advances in Multimodal Behavioral Analytics for Early Dementia Diagnosis: A Review
Chathurika Jayangani Palliya Guruge

An Automated Mutual Gaze Detection Framework for Social Behavior Assessment in Autism Therapy of Children
Zhang Guo

Approximating the Mental Lexicon from Clinical Interviews as a Support Tool for Depression Detection

Tomato Dice: A Multimodal Device to Encourage Breaks During Work
Marissa A. Thompson

Speech Guided Disentangled Visual Representation Learning for Lip Reading
Ya Zhao

Knowledge- and Data-Driven Models of Multimodal Trajectories of Public Speaking Anxiety in Real and Virtual Settings
Ehsanul Haque Nirjhar

Multimodal approach for Assessing Neuromotor Coordination in Schizophrenia Using Convolutional Neural Networks
Yashish Maduwantha

Sensorimotor synchronization in blind musicians: does lack of vision influence non-verbal musical communication?
Erica Volta

Behavior Analytics

States of confusion: Eye and Head tracking reveal surgeons' confusion during arthroscopic surgery
Benedikt Werner Hosp

Improving the Movement Synchrony Estimation with Action Quality Assessment in Children Play Therapy
Jicheng Li

Prediction of Interlocutor's Subjective Impressions based on Functional Head-Movement Features in Group Meetings
Kazuhiro Otsuka

Head Matters: Explainable Human-centered Trait Prediction from Head Motion Dynamics
surbhi madan

Intra- and Inter-Contrastive Learning for Micro-expression Action Unit Detection
Yante Li

DynGeoNet: Fusion network for micro-expression spotting
Thuong-Khanh Tran

Personality Prediction with Cross-Modality Feature Projection
Daisuke Kamisaka

Improved Speech Emotion Recognition using Transfer Learning and Spectrogram Augmentation
Omid Sadjadi

Human-guided Modality Importance for Affective States
Torsten Wörtwein

List of Accepted DC Presentations (9)

Natural Language Stage of Change Modelling for “Motivationally-driven” Weight Loss Support
Meyer, Selina

Using Generative Adversarial Networks to Create Graphical User Interfaces for Video Games
Acornley, Christopher

Semi-Supervised Learning for Multimodal Speech and Emotion Recognition
Li, Yuanchao

Photogrammetry-based VR interactive pedagogical agent for K12 education
Dai, Laduona

What if I interrupt you

Development of an Interactive Human/Agent Loop using Multimodal Recurrent Neural Networks
Woo, Jieyeon

Assisted End-User Robot Programming
Ajaykumar, Gopika

Understanding Personalised Auditory-Visual Associations in Multi-modal Interactions
O'Toole, Patrick

Accessible applications - Study and design of user interfaces to support users with disabilities
Di Gregorio, Marianna

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