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Current Information on COVID-19 travel restrictions imposed within and to enter Canada

The current COVID-19 pandemic is tough, but the situation is gradually getting better in Canada. The government of Canada has announced that all foreign nationals who qualify as fully vaccinated are allowed to enter Canada for non-essential travel, effective from September 7.

Note that, it is your responsibility to check the current restrictions before arranging transport and accommodation, such as:

  • Your country's travel regulations
  • Your employer's business travel and/or reimbursement rules
  • Canadian regulations for entering the country
  • Your country's regulations for returning home

Traveling within Canada

If you are traveling to Montreal, Quebec., from other Canadian provinces, we advise you to check the travel regulations applicable to Quebec .

Some highlights are:

  • Follow the requirements to board flights and to use public transportation within Canada.

Rules for arrival from abroad (as of September 7, 2021)

The government of Canada issues eases of travel restrictions for the fully vaccinated traveler .

Rules for arrival from abroad (as of September 7, 2021)

The government of Canada issues eases of travel restrictions for the fully vaccinated traveler.

If you are foreign nationals, be aware of:

  • Eligible foreign nationals who qualify as fully vaccinated are now allowed to enter Canada for discretionary travel (starting September 7).
  • The Canadian government still suspended direct flights from a few countries.
  • To know more about travel restrictions, it is recommended to follow the IRCC website from time to time.

Find more details in:

Montreal and Quebec Regional Measures

  • Currently, all the regions in Quebec are in Level-1 COVID Alert (Vigilance) . For the last few days, daily confirmed cases are under 100.
  • However, despite the situation is under control, it is still highly recommended to wear a mask, sanitize your hand frequently, and keep a social distance of at least 1 meter (depends on the COVID Alert level).
  • Individuals must wear a mask in all public spaces (stores, public transport, hotel lobbies, convention centers, etc.) You must also wear your mask upon entering a restaurant. Only when seated are you permitted to remove your mask. Those who are children under 10 years old, and/or in special medical conditions can be exempted from this obligation.
  • Meetings, conventions, shows, and exhibitions: requires authorization, with a maximum of 250 participants who remain seated. Shows authorized in rented venues (convention centers, hotels, etc.) with the application of the public health rules in effect for shopping malls (obligatory face covering, the social distance of 1 meter.) Exhibitors must follow the public health rules in effect for retail stores.
  • For social gatherings: a maximum of 10 people or 3 private residences can share the same table. Indoor tables must be 2 meters apart when there are no partitions between them. Outdoor terraces can accommodate a maximum of 20 people per table. Tables must be 1 m apart when there are no partitions between them.
  • Auditoriums (shows, sports events, festivals): Over 250 people, the audience must be subdivided into independent sections with a maximum of 250 people. They must have separate entrances, exits, and sanitary facilities. Distancing of one empty seat between spectators who do not reside at the same address must be observed. Monitoring of accesses and locations is required, as are reservations.
  • Activities organized in a public place: If it is outdoor, a maximum of 50 people are allowed, while physical distancing must be respected. If it is an indoor activity, a maximum of 25 people would be allowed, and face coverings are mandatory, and physical distancing must be also respected.
  • For more information regarding Quebec and Montreal regional compliance, please refer to: Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) in Québec , Quebec COVID-19 Alert and intervention system: Level 1–Vigilance (green) and Montreal’s COVID-19 website

Conference Venue (Le Westin Montreal)’s Protocol

During the conference period, the attendees should follow the general sanitary and social distancing measures of COVID-19, which has become familiar to everyone. The hotel also promised an enhanced protocol for guests’ safety. To fulfill this, there are some changes in the hotel’s services.

Here’s Le Westin Montreal’s measure at a glance:

Le Westin Montreal’s enhanced protocol of cleaning includes:

  • Enhanced public space cleaning and disinfection
  • Staff will use personal protective types of equipment
  • Use of electrostatic spraying of hospital-grade disinfectants.
  • Disinfecting wipes in each room for guest use.

Guests should take responsibility to follow the measures, such as:

  • Masks are necessary for all public indoor spaces.
  • Sanitize your hand from time to time.
  • Elevator occupancy is restricted to 2 persons or a single-family at a time.
  • Maintain practical social distancing, at least 6 feet or 2 meters from the others.

There are a few changes in services:

  • Guest’s requests for additional amenities will be delivered contactless (items will be left outside the door).
  • No bellman service available. No valet service is available for parking.
  • Shared property amenities and services are unavailable.
  • Guests are asked to use Marriott Bonvoy™ for mobile check-in and service requests.
  • Bars and restaurants are closed, but a takeout menu is available. The coffee shop in the hotel will open every day.

For more information, please refer to Le Westin Montreal’s Protocol .

Montreal pre-departure requirements

During the pandemic, all countries/states have different COVID-19 test requests for their incoming travelers. After the conference, if you are departing from Montreal, Quebec, we advise you to check the travel requirements to your arriving destination.

If a proof for a new valid negative COVID-19 test is needed before departing from the conference, please see below the list of Government-authorized COVID-19 test centers:

General Guidelines

  • Wear your face covering properly.
  • Maintain a social distance, at least 1 meter. (2 meters should always be good!)
  • Wash or sanitize your hands frequently.
  • If you’re having COVID-19 symptoms , immediately contact your local public health authority and isolate yourself at home for 14 days to avoid spreading it to others.
  • Keep a maximum number of three people, with two meters social distance while consumption of food and beverages, even if you're at outdoor spaces.
  • Respect the regional compliances (above) and follow the local health authority’s advice.

External resources

World Health Orgnisation

Public Health Agency of Canada

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