Submission Instructions

Paper categories

  • A: Full papers (double blind)
  • B: Short papers (double blind)
  • C: Demonstration description (single blind) (4 pages)
Authors may submit only the following combinations (for a topic): A, A+C, C.

Demos and exhibits

  • D1: Demonstrations with corresponding paper.
  • D2: Exhibits: late demonstrations (there will be a late Call for Exhibits (demonstrations without publication)).

Please submit your paper through the conference management system:

ICMI 2011 Submission

Papers must be submitted through Precision Conference Tool (PCT). To submit a paper you need first to have an acount in PCT (you can register a new account in this website). If you already have login details (username and password), log into the system, click on "new submissions" link and follow the instructions.

More details can be found at the Authors section. If there are any problems with the submission website, please contact Alejandro Toselli (ahector_AT_iti_DOT_upv_DOT_es).

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