Doctoral Consortium

The Doctoral Consortium is designed to increase the exposure of students' research as they near the end of their Ph.D. program and go on the job market. The program consists of a special oral session at the conference and a poster session for one-on-one interactions. We are seeking travel support for students who are accepted into the special session.

To apply for the Doctoral Consortium, submit a paper to ICMI in the regular way and check the box indicating that the first author is a student. After the paper is submitted, student first authors will be contacted with an application form for the Doctoral Consortium. Decisions about participation in the session and funding will be made based on the submitted paper and the application form.

The field of multi-model interfaces poses unique challenges and opportunities for students on the job market because of its cross disciplinary nature. To help students navigate this issue, this year we plan to hold a career panel session in which more experienced members of the community from both industry and academia can give their thoughts and field questions about these issues.


  • Dan Bohus
  • Daniel Gatica-Perez
  • Andruid Kerne
  • Louis-Philippe Morency
  • Francis Quek
  • Nicu Sebe


  • Xavier Alameda-Pineda
  • Ligia Maria Batrinca
  • Chi-Hsia Lai
  • Héctor P. Martínez
  • Daniel McDuff
  • Chreston Miller
  • David Vázquez
  • Astrid von der Pütten
  • Julie Rico Williamson
  • Zahoor Zafrulla

Picture of the student participants:

Picture of the student participants

From left to right: Zahoor Zafrulla, Chreston Miller, Daniel McDuff, Héctor P. Martínez, David Vázquez, Astrid von der Pütten, Julie Rico Williamson, Chi-Hsia Lai, Ligia Maria Batrinca, Xavier Alameda-Pineda.

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