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Venue: Valley Coffee
Address: in south part of the first floor of the Crowne Plaza hotel
Reception time: 18:30~20:30, Nov.8


At the lobby of the Crowne Plaza Hotel, travel agency of the hotel provides travel information all the time. One-day suburb tour (e.g., the Great Wall, ) and one-day city tour (e.g., Forbidden City, Summer Palace, the Temple of Heaven, … ) routes are provided. Please inquire the agency if needed.


Venue: Yi Yuan Hall, White’s Grand Courtyard (In Chinese: 白家大院艺苑厅)
Address: No.5 SUZHOU St. HAIDIAN District, Beijing 100080, China. Phone: 010-62658851

Important information:
Banquet time: 19:00~21:00, Nov.9
Banquet bus service:

  1. To banquet venue: two buses, leave at 18:20, the front door of Crowne Plaza.
  2. Return Crowne Plaza: one bus, leave at 21:00, the east door of White’s Grand Courtyard.

Note: In case you missed the bus, please see the back side for method to the venue or back to the Crowne Plaza by subway. When you arrive at the venue, please show this paper to the waiters and they will lead you to the venue, i.e., Yi Yuan Hall (艺苑厅).

Brief introduction about White’s Grand Courtyard:
Characterized both by modern city’s bustling and royal family’s elegance in Qing Dynasty, the White’s Grand Courtyard was deemed as Peking’s New Palace and the Wonderland in ZhongGuanCun Village. It is the oldest royal garden built in Haidian ancient town, however, its noble temperament of Qing Dynasty still remains. The Qing-Dynasty-style garden architecture, the colorful flowers, the verdant trees and grasses, and various surrounding courtyard, as well as the plain but elegant ancient houses, all together compose the enchanting cultural atmosphere of Qing Dynasty.
It was initially built by Daishan’s offspring in the Kangxi’s Times and was named Prince Li’s Garden. (Daishan, the second son of the state founder of Qing Dynasty---Nu’erhachi, was a minister of Qing Dynasty who lived through three emperors and was appointed as hereditary prince head.) In the early Republic of China, this garden was transferred to Tongrentang pharmacy and was renamed the Yue’s Garden. After Liberation, it was used as Peking Eight-first High School.
In 2001, the Yue’s Garden was utilized by Peking the white’s grand courtyard catering limited liability company and was renamed the white’s grand courtyard. Lots of money was been put into the repairing work and protection of the garden by the company so that the garden was able to recover its original appealing appearance. In addition, the company is serving special dishes in this garden, such as the court dishes, the official dishes and white family private dishes.
It was successively evaluated as state special-grade restaurant. Four-star tourism eatery, Chinese style characteristic restaurant, China flavor special restaurant, National faithful credible unit for customers, the example of the capital people’s virtue, 100 top restaurants in Pekingg, outstanding contribution Award in Haidian district, the example unit for creating the learning-type organization and the most influential catering the learning –type organization and the most influential catering the learning-type organization and the most influential catering Brand in Zhongguancun area. Meanwhile, for four years in a row it has been appraised as Peking credible enterprise, ten-top taxpayer in Haidian caterings, and first-level hygiene free-checking Unit.