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Presentation Guidelines

1. Lecture Presentations


Presentation Time

Each paper will be allocated 25 minutes, of which about 20 minutes should be used for the presentation and the remaining 5 minutes for discussion and a timely handover to the next presenter. It is important to adhere to the time schedule allocated for each paper.


Equipment Provided

The lecture room will be equipped with a notebook computer, an LCD projector, and a microphone. The computer will be installed with the following software - Microsoft Windows XP, MS Office (Powerpoint) 2007, the latest Adobe Acrobat Reader (PDF reader), and Windows Media Player. Presenters using the provided computer are expected to preload their presentation slides in the computer at the beginning of the respective session.

Presenters may also use their own laptop for the presentation. For compatibility considerations, the LCD projector has a native resolution of 1024x768 and accepts a standard VGA 15-pin input.


Important Note

All presenters are to report to the Session Chairs at the assigned room 10 minutes before the start of the session. On the day of your presentation, you may load and test your presentation slides on the computer at the lecture room before the session.


For Doctoral Spotlight Papers

Besides lecturer presentation, all the oral doctoral spotlight papers should also prepare a poster presentation at the doctoral spotlight poster session. Instructions for posters could be found below.



2. Poster Presentations


Presentation Time

The presenter is to be stationed by his/her poster and periodically make presentations of about 5 minutes and answer questions from audiences around the poster throughout the 1.5-hour poster session. Presenters are encouraged to engage the audiences in technical discussion.


Poster Board's Dimensions

For each presenter, we will provide a poster board with 1 meter wide and 2 meters high. The presenters are to report to the Session Chairs and put up their posters before the start of the session. All posters should be removed after the poster session.


Poster Spotlight (Oral DSS papers are not included)

1. Prior to the poster session, there is a 30 minutes plenary spotlights session where presenters can "advertise" their posters. The time allocated to each of them is less than 90 sec.
2. Be present at conference room at least 10 min before your session starts. The session chair and a volunteer will give you further guidelines regarding seating and presentation.
3. Each spotlight presentation should consist of one slide. All slides will run automatically, so please give your microphone to the next presenter and leave the podium once your slide is flipped. You will not have access to the computer running the presentations and your slide should contain no "clickable" animations.
4. A Microsoft Powerpoint presentation template is available here. All spotlight presentations should be submitted though CMT until Nov. 05(Pacific Time). To submit your presentation, please first login the CMT system https://cmt.research.microsoft.com/ICMI2010/ using your registered email and password, and you could upload your presentation file in the "Author Console".
5. The filename of your submitted spotlight presentation should be of the form "NNN.ppt", where "NNN" stands for the paper ID.


3. Demo Presentations


Presentation Time

The presenter is to be stationed by his/her demo, show the demonstration, and answer questions from audiences throughout the around 2-hour demo session. Presenters are encouraged to engage the audiences in discussion. All demos should be dismantled after the demo session.


Important Note

Demonstrators are required to bring their own computing equipment and any additional network, display, sensor, etc. hardware needed for the demonstration. All presenters will be provided with a place for their demo, a table and a power outlet (Chinese format, 220 V 50 Hz, check here for detail). Please bring your own adapters/power strip if necessary. A poster board with 1 meter wide and 2 meters high will also be provided to the authors to show the ideas of the demonstration.