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National Natural Science Foundation of China


Accepted Papers

Full Paper

  • Visual Speech Synthesis by Modeling Coarticulation Dynamics using a Non-Parametric Switching State-Space Model
  • Conversation Scene Analysis based on Dynamic Bayesian Network and Image-based Gaze Detection
  • Focusing Computational Visual Attention in Multi-Modal Human-Robot Interaction
  • Employing Social Gaze and Speaking Activity for Automatic Determination of the Extraversion Trait
  • 3D User-perspective, Voxel-based Estimation of Visual Focus of Attention in Dynamic Meeting Scenarios
  • Feedback is... Late: Measuring Multimodal Delays in Mobile Device Touchscreen Interaction
  • Modeling and Analyzing Multimodal Dyadic Interactions Using Social Networks
  • Grounding Spatial Language for Video Search
  • Multi-modal Computer Assisted Speech Transcription
  • Recommendation from Robots in a Real-world Retail Shop
  • Automatic Recognition of Sign Language Subwords based on Portable Accelerometer and EMG Sensors
  • Gaze quality assisted automatic recognition of social contexts in collaborative Tetris
  • Enabling Multimodal Discourse for the Blind
  • Location Grounding in Multimodal Local Search
  • Dynamic User Interface Distribution for Flexible Multimodal Interaction
  • Gesture and Voice Prototyping for Early Evaluations of Social Acceptability in Multimodal Interfaces
  • Analyzing Multimodal Time Series as Dynamical Systems
  • Discovering Eye Gaze Behavior during Human-Agent Conversation in an Interactive Storytelling Application
  • Real-Time Adaptive Behaviors in Multimodal Human-Avatar Interactions
  • 3D-Press: Haptic Illusion of Compliance when Pressing on a Rigid Surface
  • Facilitating Multiparty Dialog with Gaze, Gesture, and Speech
  • Toward Natural Interaction in the Real World: Real-time Gesture Recognition
  • Learning and Evaluating Response Prediction Models using Parallel Listener Consensus?

Short Paper

  • Linearity and Synchrony: Quantitative Metrics for Slide-based Presentation Methodology
  • Empathetic Video Experience through Timely Multimodal Interaction
  • Haptic Numbers: Three Haptic Representation Models for Numbers on a Touch Screen Phone
  • Key-press Gestures Recognition and Interaction Based on SEMG Signals
  • Mood Avatar: Automatic Text-Driven Head Motion Synthesis
  • Does Haptic Feedback Change the Way We View Touchscreens in Cars?
  • Identifying Emergent Leadership in Small Groups using Nonverbal Communicative Cues
  • Quantifying Group Problem Solving Using Social Signal Analysis
  • Cognitive Skills Learning: Pen Input Patterns in Computer-Based Athlete Training
  • Vocal Sketching: a Prototype Tool for Designing Multimodal Interaction
  • Evidence-Based Automated Traffic Hazard Zone Mapping Using Wearable Sensors
  • Analysis Environment of Conversational Structure with Nonverbal Multimodal Data
  • Design and Evaluation of Wearable Remote Social Touch Device
  • Multimodal Interactive Machine Translation
  • Component-Based High Fidelity Interactive Prototyping of Post-WIMP Interactions.
  • Active Learning Strategies for Handwritten Text Transcription
  • Behavior and Preference in Minimal Personality: A Study on Embodied Conversational Agent
  • Vlogcast Yourself: Nonverbal Behavior and Attention in Social Media

Special Session Paper

  • Understanding Contextual Factors in Location-aware Multimedia Messaging
  • Embedded Media Barcode Links: Optimally Blended Barcode Overlay on Paper for Linking to Associated Media
  • Enhancing Browsing Experience of Table and Image Elements in Web Pages
  • PhotoMagnets: Supporting Flexible Browsing and Searching in Photo Collections
  • A Language-Based Approach to Indexing Heterogeneous Multimedia Lifelog


  • Speak4it: Multimodal Interaction for Local Search
  • A Multimodal Interactive Text Generation System
  • The Ambient Spotlight: Personal multimodal search without query
  • Cloud Mouse: A New Way to Interact with the Cloud