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We provide additional travel experience for our attendees. The tour will take place on the last day of ICMI 2019 (October 18), starting from 13:30. Details can be found below, reservations should be made beforehand by emailing

1. Travel route: Humble Administrator’s Garden + Jinji Lake

Introduction: Humble Administrator’s Garden is a representative of gardens on the Yangtze River and one of classical landscape gardens in Suzhou. This grand view garden-style classical garden is reputed as "the example of the world’s gardens" with its layout of hills and islands, bamboo houses, pine tree, and fun of drinking wine from a winding canal.

Jinji Lake is a tributary of Taihu Lake, with more than 10 inlets and outlets. Its water is from Loujiang River in the north and from Xiangmentang River and Fengmentang River in the west. The water from Jinji Lake mainly flows into Wusong River through the Xietang River, so it belongs to the Wusong River system. There are many attractions such as music fountain, water Ferris wheel, Li Gongdi, Taohua Island, and Jinji Lake Bridge waterfall.

Price: RMB 200/person

Traveling time: 4-5 hours

Services included: Ticket, bus, English tour guide, and travel accident insurance

2. Travel route: Lion Grove Garden + Pingjiang Road

Introduction: Lion Grove Garden was built from the second year of Zhizheng (in 1342) under the reign of Huizong Emperor of Yuan Dynasty, which is one of the representatives of Chinese classical private garden building. It is also one of the four famous gardens in Suzhou. Moreover, Lion Grove Garden is a world cultural heritage, Key Cultural Relics Site under the State Protection, as well as national AAAA level tourist attraction.

Pingjiang Road is an old historical street in Suzhou along the Pingjiang River. The historical block of Pingjiang Road is the most complete preserved area of the ancient city of Suzhou so far, which can be called as the epitome of the ancient city.

Price: RMB 150/person

Traveling time: 4-5 hours

Services included: Ticket, bus, English tour guide, and travel accident insurance

3. Travel route: Suzhou Museum

Suzhou Museum was founded in 1960, located in Zhongwang’s Residence of Taiping Kingdom of Heaven, which is one of the first batch of Key Cultural Relics Site under the State Protection as well as a complete set of historical buildings of the Taiping Kindom of Heaven preserved in China.

In 1999, the Suzhou Municipal Committee of the Communist Party of China and the Suzhou Municipal Government invited the world Chinese architect Ieoh Ming Pei to design the new Suzhou Museum, which is a comprehensive museum integrating modern building, ancient building and innovative landscape gardens.

In November 2017, it was awarded as the Fifth National Civilization Unit.


  • This route is not included in the planned routes. If you want, we can provide booking service for you.
  • Close on Monday.
  • Ticket is free but advance booking is required for admission.
  • Personal ID card is required.

For more information, please look at:

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