ICMI 2019 Awards

Sustained Accomplishment Award

(This award is given to a senior scientist who has made innovative, long-lasting, and influential contributions to the field of multimodal interaction, interfaces, and systems.)

Awardee: Dr. Alex Waibel

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Ten-Year Technical Impact Award

  • Detecting User Engagement with a Robot Companion Using Task and Social Interaction Features, ICMI 2009. Ginevra Castellano; Andre Pereira; Iolanda Leite; Ana Paiva; Peter W. McOwan

Ten-Year Technical Impact Award Runner-ups

  • Fusion Engines for Multimodal Input: A Survey, ICMI 2009. Denis Lalanne; Laurence Nigay; Philippe Palanque; Peter Robinson; Jean Vanderdonckt; Jean-François Ladry
  • Dialog in the Open World: Platform and Applications, ICMI 2009. Dan Bohus; Eric Horvitz

Community Service Award

  • Dan Bohus

Best Paper Awards

  • Dynamic Adaptive Gesturing Predicts Domain Expertise in Mathematics* Abishek Sriramulu; Jionghao Lin; Sharon Oviatt
  • Multimodal Analysis and Estimation of Intimate Self-Disclosure* Mohammad Soleymani; Kalin Stefanov; Sin-Hwa Kang; Jan Ondras; Jonathan Gratch

Best Student Paper Award

  • Modeling Team-Level Multimodal Dynamics during Multiparty Collaboration* Lucca Eloy; Angela E.B. Stewart; Mary J. Amon; Caroline Reinhardt; Amanda Michaels; Chen Sun; Valerie Shute; Nicholas D. Duran; Sidney K. D'Mello

Best Paper Runner-ups

  • Multitask Prediction of Exchange-Level Annotations for Multimodal Dialogue Systems. Yuki Hirano; Shogo Okada; Haruto Nishimoto; Kazunori Komatani
  • Multi-modal Active Learning From Human Data: A Deep Reinforcement Learning Approach. Ognjen Rudovic; Meiru Zhang; Bjorn Schuller; Rosalind Picard
  • "Paint that object yellow": Multimodal Interaction to Enhance Creativity During Design Tasks in VR. Erik Wolf; Sara Klüber; Chris Zimmerer; Jean-Luc Lugrin; Marc Erich Latoschik
  • Ask-independent Multimodal Prediction of Group Performance Based on Product Dimensions. Go Miura; Shogo Okada

Best Demo Award

  • The Dyslexperience: Use of Projection Mapping to Simulate Dyslexia. Zi Fong Yong, Ai Ling Ng, Yuta Nakayama

Outstanding Reviewers

(The following reviewers have been selected by the Program Chairs for their exceptional efforts in the review process. Full list of reviewers available here.)

  • Alejandro Catala
  • Nicholas DePalma
  • Jeffrey Girard
  • José David Lopes
  • Reza Moradinezhad
  • Shogo Okada
  • Gualtiero Volpe

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