25th ACM International Conference on Multimodal Interaction
(9-13 October 2023)



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Best Paper Awards

  • EEG-based Cognitive Load Classification using Feature Masked Autoencoding and Emotion Transfer Learning
    • Dustin Pulver, Prithila Angkan, Paul Hungler and Ali Etemad
  • AQ-GT: a Temporally Aligned and Quantized GRU-Transformer for Co-Speech Gesture Synthesis
    • Hendric Voß and Stefan Kopp

    Ten-Year Technical Impact Award

    • Multi-modal gesture recognition challenge 2013: Dataset and results.
      • Escalera, Sergio, Jordi Gonzàlez, Xavier Baró, Miguel Reyes, Oscar Lopes, Isabelle Guyon, Vassilis Athitsos, and Hugo Jair Escalante.
      • In Proceedings of the 15th ACM on International conference on multimodal interaction, pp. 445-452. 2013

    Ten-Year Technical Impact Runner-Up

    • Emotion recognition in the wild challenge 2013.
      • Dhall, Abhinav, Roland Goecke, Jyoti Joshi, Michael Wagner, and Tom Gedeon.
      • In Proceedings of the 15th ACM on International conference on multimodal interaction, pp. 509-516. 2013.

    Ten-Year Technical Impact Runner-Up

    • Combining modality specific deep neural networks for emotion recognition in video.
      • Kahou, Samira Ebrahimi, Christopher Pal, Xavier Bouthillier, Pierre Froumenty, Çaglar Gülçehre, Roland Memisevic, Pascal Vincent, Aaron Courville, Yoshua Bengio, Raul Chandias Ferrari, Mehdi Mirza, Sébastien Jean, Pierre-Luc Carrier, Yann Dauphin, Nicolas Boulanger-Lewandowski, Abhishek Aggarwal, Jeremie Zumer, Pascal Lamblin, Jean-Philippe Raymond, Guillaume Desjardins, Razvan Pascanu, David Warde-Farley, Atousa Torabi, Arjun Sharma, Emmanuel Bengio, Myriam Côté, Kishore Reddy Konda, and Zhenzhou Wu.
      • In Proceedings of the 15th ACM on International conference on multimodal interaction, pp. 543-550. 2013.

    Sustained Achievement Award

    • Louis-Philippe Morency


    Community Service Award

    • Carlos Busso


    Blue Sky Papers

    • FIRST PLACE: From Natural to Non-Natural Interaction: Embracing Interaction Design Beyond the Accepted Convention of Natural
      • Radu-Daniel Vatavu. MintViz Lab, MANSiD Research Center, Stefan cel Mare University of Suceava
    • SECOND PLACE: A New Theory of Data Processing: Applying Artificial Intelligence to Cognition and Humanity
      • Jingwei Liu. University of California San Diego
    • THIRD PLACE: Towards Adaptive User-centered Neuro-symbolic Learning for Multimodal Interaction with Autonomous Systems
      • Amr Gomaa. German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI),Saarland Informatics Campus
      • Michael Feld. German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI)

    Outstanding Reviewer Awards

    • Bivas Mitra
    • Brandon Booth
    • Daniel Adler
    • David Robb
    • Hashini Senaratne
    • Ioan Marius Bilasco
    • Joakim Gustafson
    • Lale Akarun
    • Laura Cabrera-Quiros
    • Maria Koutsombogera
    • Michelle Annett
    • Nuno Otero
    • Patrick Ehlen
    • Roger Moore
    • Shreya Ghosh
    • Teruhisa Misu
    • Tomi Heimonen
    • Vit Rusnak
    • William Delamare
    • Yunus Terzioglu
    • Yuuki Nishiyama