Instructions for Presenters of the Main Conference

Best paper nominee sessions

The best paper nominee sessions will be held in a "synchronized" way, that is, for each presentation, the presentation video will be played and it is followed by 6-minute Q&A. They will be held on Zoom.

Other paper sessions

Participants are assumed to watch the presentation videos in advance. In the sessions, each presenter has a breakout room in Zoom and accepts questions. Participants will hop between breakout rooms. In the breakout room, the presenter can do short presentations several times using a couple of slides to briefly explain the research, but a long presentation should be avoided. Our advice is to have 1 poster-like slide, so people can get a quick overview of the presenter's work.

For all papers and keynotes, participants are invited to ask questions via Ryver. Every paper and keynote will have their own Topic on the appropriate Forum. Of course there will also be live Q&A time, as mentioned above to ask your questions, which is the preferred time to ask your questions, but if participants afterwards think of more questions, Ryver is the place for them. Presenters are kindly asked to pay attention to their Topic and answer questions of the participants.

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