Instructions for Participants

General access

All registered participants will receive access to the ICMI 2020 Ryver space (emails will be sent out soon). In the ICMI 2020 Ryver space, links are provided to access the papers, presentation videos, workshops, and the live keynote and live Q&A sessions (Zoom Webinar and Zoom Meetings).

Workshop organizers will receive separate login details for the Zoom accounts.

During keynotes and paper sessions

Participants are assumed to watch the presentation videos in advance. The paper sessions are live Q&A sessions. Each presenter has a breakout room in Zoom Meetings and accepts questions; participants are invited to ask their questions here. Participants can hop between breakout rooms. If participants have questions afterwards, they can still pose their questions through Ryver.

Keynotes are held in Zoom Webinar live and participants are invited to post questions or comments in the chat and upvote the ones they like. If participants have questions afterwards, they can still pose their questions through Ryver.

Policy against harassment at ACM activities

We would like to emphasize that ACM's policy against harassment applies equally to virtual events and that harassment will not be tolerated in any shape, form, or medium.


The starting point of the whole conference will be the Ryver platform. You can see the detailed schedule, find the zoom links, read papers and watch videos, and communicate with each other. You can also ask for technical support here during the conference.

Everybody that registered should have received an email from Ryver by now with the invitation to the platform. If this is not the case, and you have checked your spam folder, please let the Virtual Chairs know as soon as possible via email (;

On the Welcome forum of Ryver is a video that guides you through the platform. Furthermore, we have made a guide about all applications we'll use during the conference (Ryver, Zoom, You can find this here.

To find the zoom links


If you then click on one of the blocks with a blue #zoom, you will find the zoom link, as below


The zoom links to the workshops can be found on the specific workshop forum.

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