Presentation Guidelines

Instructions for Spoken Presentations

  1. There will be six spoken sessions throughout the conference for presentation of long (25 minutes) and short (15 minutes) papers.
  2. For long papers, you should plan 20 minutes for your presentation and 5 minutes for questions. For short papers, you will have 12 and 3 minutes for your presentation and questions, respectively.
  3. The rooms are equipped with projectors, speakers, and wireless microphones. Please be prepared to use your own laptop for your presentation. You should test your presentation with the AV setup ahead of time during a break between sessions.
  4. Slides must be legible from the back of a large room (at least 24 point font, if possible).
  5. Slides should complement your oral presentation. Minimize text, and use visuals and concrete examples whenever possible.
  6. You will not have time to present your entire paper in detail. Plan to cover your main findings, and practice your talk to make sure you can present it in the allotted time.

Instructions for Posters

  1. There are two 2-hour poster sessions on Wednesday (October 17) and Thursday (October 18).
  2. The maximum dimensions for posters is 48in x 48in (120cm x 120cm). Posters will be mounted onto double-sided cork boards (note: posters exceeding the maximum dimensions will not fit on these boards).
  3. Please use large fonts (minimum of 32 points) so that your poster can be viewed at a distance (at least 6 feet).
  4. Try to minimize the amount of text on your poster: use visuals/graphics when possible.

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