Social Events

Welcome Reception - Glasgow City Chambers

Tuesday 14th November (19:00 - 20:00)

City Chamber
Image by Michael D Beckwith (Flickr: michael_d_beckwith)

The Welcome Reception will be held in the Glasgow City Chambers which is located on George Square. The focal point of George Square is one of the city's most iconic and imposing buildings, the City Chambers, whose magnificence tells the story of the wealth and industrial prosperity of the Second City of the Empire. It's one of the most beautiful civic buildings in the UK and a huge favourite amongst locals and tourists.

It was opened by Queen Victoria in 1888 and for over a hundred years has been the headquarters of successive city councils. Queen Victoria herself is depicted on the front of the building, with the central apex statue of Truth above her. This figure is known by locals, not surprisingly, as Glasgow's own "Statue of Liberty".

Directions: The easiest way to get into the city centre is to use the Subway. From the conference venue, walk to Hillhead station (this should take less than five minutes) and go to Buchanan Street station (fourth stop). Once off Buchanan Street underground station, head west to George Square to the City Chambers (this should take about five minutes to walk to).

Evening Banquet - Òran Mór

Wednesday 15th November (From 18:00)

Oran Mor
Image by Oran Mor

The evening banquet will be held at Oran Mor, a former church turned into a unique venue which now includes restaurants, bars and a stage for gigs. The Kelvinside Parish Church was built in 1862 by J.J. Stevenson. The building itself is geometric with a tall campanile tower with pyramid spire. The spire of the church is described as an Italian Gothic Pyramid and is said to be the first to show a markedly foreign influence in Glasgow. The main body of the church contains slim, cast iron columns that elegantly reach and create an arcade capped by beautiful but simple arches. Ornamenting these arches is a series of rather stern looking heads, which can still be seen in what is now our breathtaking Auditorium. Today, it is the home of Oran Mor, Gaelic for 'great melody of life' or 'big song', and it is a thriving arts & entertainment venue in the heart of Glasgow's West End.

Directions: Oran Mor is across from the main conference venue.

University of Glasgow Tour

Friday 17th November (Group 1: 13:30, Group 2: 13:45)

University of Glasgow
Image by Alex Ng

Conference atttendees will have free admission for the University of Glasgow tour if they chose the option to go when registering online. There will be two groups and places are limited. Attendees who still wish to go on the tour can book using the following link: CLICK HERE.

The University of Glasgow is one of the UK's oldest and most prestigious seats of learning, and is the fourth oldest university in the English speaking world. It is recognised internationally for its ground-breaking work and has inspired thinkers from eminent scientist Lord Kelvin to the father of economics Adam Smith. Whilst the University is steeped in history and tradition it is immensely proud of its past but focused on an exciting future.

Over the last five centuries, the University of Glasgow has pushed the boundaries of what's possible. The University of Glasgow has fostered the talents of seven Nobel laureates, one Prime Minister and Scotland's inaugural First Minister. It has welcomed Albert Einstein to give a lecture on the origins of the general theory of relativity, and Scotland's first female medical graduates completed their degrees here in 1894. Alumni include the world's most renowned innovators, from scientist Lord Kelvin, to the pioneer of television John Logie Baird and head writer and executive producer of Dr Who and Sherlock, Steven Moffat.

Directions: Tours leave the University Visitor Centre.

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