Tuesday, 14 November 2017 (starts from 15:30)

Location: Hilton Glasgow Grosvenor

Multimodal Interaction in Classrooms: Implementation of Tangibles in Integrated Music and Math Lessons
Jennifer Müller, Uwe Oestermeier, and Peter Gerjets
Web-Based Interactive Media Authoring System with Multimodal Interaction
Bok Deuk Song, Yeon Jun Choi, and Jong Hyun Park
Textured Surfaces for Ultrasound Haptic Displays
Euan Freeman, Ross Anderson, Julie R. Williamson, Graham Wilson, and Stephen Brewster
Rapid Development of Multimodal Interactive Systems: A Demonstration of Platform for Situated Intelligence
Dan Bohus, Sean Andrist, and Mihai Jalobeanu
MIRIAM: A Multimodal Chat-Based Interface for Autonomous Systems
Helen Hastie, Francisco Javier Chiyah Garcia, David A. Robb, Pedro Patron, and Atanas Laskov
SAM: The School Attachment Monitor
Dong-Bach Vo, Mohammad Tayarani, Maki Rooksby, Rui Huan, Alessandro Vinciarelli, Helen Minnis, and Stephen Brewster
The Boston Massacre History Experience
David Novick, Laura Rodriguez, Aaron Pacheco, Aaron Rodriguez, Laura Hinojos, Brad Cartwright, Marco Cardiel, Olivia Rodriguez-Herrera, Ivan Gris Sepulveda, and Enrique Ponce
Wearable Interactive Display for the Local Positioning System (LPS)
Daniel Lofaro, Christopher Taylor, Ryan Tse, and Donald Sofge
Demonstrating TouchScope: A Hybrid Multitouch Oscilloscope Interface
Matthew Heinz, Sven Bertel, and Florian Echtler

Wednesday, 15 November 2017 (starts from 15:00)

Location: Hilton Glasgow Grosvenor

Bot or Not: Exploring the Fine Line between Cyber and Human Identity
Mirjam Wester, Matthew P. Aylett, and David A. Braude
Modulating the Non-verbal Social Signals of a Humanoid Robot
Amol Deshmukh, Bart Craenen, Alessandro Vinciarelli, and Mary Ellen Foster
Thermal In-Car Interaction for Navigation
Patrizia Di Campli San Vito, Stephen Brewster, Frank Pollick, and Stuart White
AQUBE: An Interactive Music Reproduction System for Aquariums
Daisuke Sasaki, Musashi Nakajima, and Yoshihiro Kanno
Real-Time Mixed-Reality Telepresence via 3D Reconstruction with HoloLens and Commodity Depth Sensors
Michal Joachimczak, Juan Liu, and Hiroshi Ando
Evaluating Robot Facial Expressions
Ruth Aylett, Frank Broz, Ayan Ghosh, Peter McKenna, Gnanathusharan Rajendran, Mary Ellen Foster, Giorgio Roffo, and Alessandro Vinciarelli
Bimodal Feedback for In-Car Mid-Air Gesture Interaction
Gözel Shakeri, John H. Williamson, and Stephen A. Brewster
A Modular, Multimodal Open-Source Virtual Interviewer Dialog Agent
Kirby Cofino, Vikram Ramanarayanan, Patrick Lange, David Pautler, David Suendermann, and Keelan Evanini
Using Mobile Virtual Reality to Empower People with Hidden Disabilities to Overcome Their Barriers
Matthieu Poyade, Glyn Morris, Ian Taylor, and Victor Portela

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