Workshop Proceedings

ASSP4MI '16- Proceedings of the 2nd Workshop on Advancements in Social Signal Processing for Multimodal Interaction

DAA '16- Proceedings of the International Workshop on Social Learning and Multimodal Interaction for Designing Artificial Agents

MVAR '16- Proceedings of the 2016 workshop on Multimodal Virtual and Augmented Reality

Multimodal augmented reality: the norm rather than the exception

  • Hanna Schraffenberger
  • Edwin van der Heide

(Re-)examination of multimodal augmented reality

  • Nina Rosa
  • Peter Werkhoven
  • Wolfgang Hürst

A networked device for reproducing multisensory kissing

  • Emma Yann Zhang
  • Adrian David Cheok

Electrical stimulation of olfactory receptors for digitizing smell

  • Surina Hariri
  • Nur Ain Mustafa
  • Kasun Karunanayaka
  • Adrian David Cheok

Implementing new food interactions using magnetic dining table platform and magnetic foods

  • Nur Ellyza Abd Rahman
  • Azhri Azhar
  • Kasun Karunanayaka
  • Adrian David Cheok
  • Mohammad Abdullah Mohamad Johar
  • Jade Gross
  • Andoni Luis Aduriz

Projective-AR system for customizing the appearance and taste of food

  • Masahiro Nishizawa
  • Wanting Jiang
  • Katsunori Okajima

Altering resistive force perception by modulating velocity of dot pattern projected onto hand

  • Sota Aoyama
  • Daisuke Iwai
  • Kosuke Sato

Changing perception of physical properties using multimodal augmented reality: position paper

  • Geert Lugtenberg
  • Christian Sandor
  • Wolfgang Hürst
  • Alexander Plopski
  • Takafumi Taketomi
  • Hirokazu Kato

Bringing the augmented reality benefits to biomechanics study

  • Alexandra Voinea
  • Alin Moldoveanu
  • Florica Moldoveanu

MHFI '16- Proceedings of the 1st Workshop on Multi-sensorial Approaches to Human-Food Interaction

Multi-sensorial virtual reality and augmented human food interaction

  • Takuji Narumi

Saltiness and umami suppression by cathodal electrical stimulation

  • Kenta Sakurai
  • Kazuma Aoyama
  • Makoto Mizukami
  • Taro Maeda
  • Hideyuki Ando

Visual search for triangles in wine labels

  • Hui Zhao
  • Charles Spence
  • Xiaoang Wan

Tasty tech: human-food interaction and multimodal interfaces

  • Merijn Bruijnes
  • Gijs Huisman
  • Dirk Heylen

Sound-enhanced gustatory experiences and technology

  • Felipe Reinoso Carvalho
  • Kris Steenhaut
  • Raymond van Ee
  • Abdellah Touhafi
  • Carlos Velasco

The unity and complexity of flavour perception: multisensory phenomenology and processing in human-food interactions

  • Aleksandra Mroczko-Wąsowicz

A multisensory approach for the design of food and drink enhancing sonic systems

  • Carlos Velasco
  • Felipe Reinoso Carvalho
  • Olivia Petit
  • Anton Nijholt

MA3HMI '16- Proceedings of the Workshop on Multimodal Analyses enabling Artificial Agents in Human-Machine Interaction

SESSION: Gesture and body analyses

Analysis of gesture frequency and amplitude as a function of personality in virtual agents

  • Alex Rayon
  • Timothy Gonzalez
  • David Novick

Deictic gestures in coaching interactions

  • Iwan de Kok
  • Julian Hough
  • David Schlangen
  • Stefan Kopp

Automatic annotation of gestural units in spontaneous face-to-face interaction

  • Simon Alexanderson
  • David House
  • Jonas Beskow

Body movements and laughter recognition: experiments in first encounter dialogues

  • Kristiina Jokinen
  • Trung Ngo Trong
  • Graham Wilcock

SESSION: User interest and attitude

Annotation and analysis of listener's engagement based on multi-modal behaviors

  • Koji Inoue
  • Divesh Lala
  • Shizuka Nakamura
  • Katsuya Takanashi
  • Tatsuya Kawahara

Assessment of users' interests in multimodal dialog based on exchange unit

  • Sayaka Tomimasu
  • Masahiro Araki

Attitude recognition of video bloggers using audio-visual descriptors

  • Fasih Haider
  • Loredana Sundberg Cerrato
  • Saturnino Luz
  • Nick Campbell

On data driven parametric backchannel synthesis for expressing attentiveness in conversational agents

  • Catharine Oertel
  • Joakim Gustafson
  • Alan W. Black

SESSION: Multimodal interaction

Fitmirror: a smart mirror for positive affect in everyday user morning routines

  • Daniel Besserer
  • Johannes Bäurle
  • Alexander Nikic
  • Frank Honold
  • Felix Schüssel
  • Michael Weber

Increasing robustness of multimodal interaction via individual interaction histories

  • Felix Schüssel
  • Frank Honold
  • Nikola Bubalo
  • Michael Weber

ERM4CT '16- Proceedings of the 2nd workshop on Emotion Representations and Modelling for Companion Systems

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