ICMI Sustained Accomplishment Award

Prof. Wolfgang Wahlster

The award is presented to a senior scientist who has made long-lasting contributions to the field of multimodal interaction, interfaces, and systems, and who has demonstrated vision in shaping the field, pioneered one or more research directions, and substantially influenced the work of others.

Outstanding Paper Award

Gale Lucas, Giota Stratou, Shari Lieblich, and Jonathan Gratch

"Trust Me: Multimodal Signals of Trustworthiness"

Honorable Mention Award

Nina Rosa, Wolfgang Hurst, Peter Werkhoven, and Remco Veltkamp

"Visuotactile Integration for Depth Perception in Augmented Reality"

Biqiao Zhang, Georg Essl, and Emily Mower Provost

"Automatic Recognition of Self-Reported and Perceived Emotion: Does Joint Modeling Help?"

Outstanding Student Paper Award

Phuong Pham and Jingtao Wang

"Adaptive Review for Mobile MOOC Learning via Implicit Physiological Signal Sensing"

Best Demo Award

Anmol Srivastava and Pradeep Yammiyavar

"Design of Multimodal Instructional Tutoring Agents using Augmented Reality and Smart Learning Objects"

Recognition for Excellence in Reviewing

Angelo Cafaro

Jesse Hoey

Vincent Levesque

Enrique Sanchez-Lozano

David Schlangen

Rainer Stiefelhagen

Bo Xiao

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